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Here at the PHC, we offer our parenting program to clients who have decided to parent and are at any stage in pregnancy, even new moms. We will provide you with information about having a healthy pregnancy and equip you to be the best parent you can be. You can come to the Center or take our classes online. As you complete lessons, you can earn "baby bucks" that can be exchanged at our Baby Boutique for all your baby needs, including diapers, wipes, clothing, formula and much more.

Our program goes from your first trimester through the 1st year of your child's life.

Call today for more information.

Parents with Child

Here at the Pregnancy Help Center, we provide mentoring and education for young families. Clients, both men and women, may begin the curriculum as soon as they find out they’re pregnant, and continue until their child is 2 years old. Components of the parenting education program are flexible, and designed to meet your needs.

Learn about pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, sleep habits, discipline, budgeting, organizational skills, job applications, and many other areas, all based on your personal interests. Earn Baby Bucks to spend in the Baby Boutique, where you’ll shop for new and gently used items for your baby, including diapers and wipes, formula, baby clothes, supplies and even furniture! We know that providing for the needs of your growing family can be difficult, and they want to help. Learn more about becoming the parent you were meant to be, while earning the things you need for your baby.

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