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Had sex? Get tested. That's the bottom line. Anytime you are sexually active there can be risk of getting an STD.  So if you're at all concerned, give yourself the gift of peace of mind and get tested. Most sexually transmitted diseases are curable. Others will stay with you for life.

Untreated/Undetected STDs can leave a person more vulnerable to contract HIV or HPV, or other serious health conditions including future infertility.

Filling Out a Medical Form

Are you at risk?

If your answer is YES to one of the following questions, it is highly recommended to get tested for STDs at least once a year.

  • Are you sexually active? 
  • Do you have more than one partner?

  • Do you have anonymous partners? Hook-ups? 

  • Are you having sex while under the influence of drugs or alcohol which can lower your inhibitions and result in greater sexual risk-taking? 

  • Are you aware of the sexual history of the person you are intimate with?

What's the big deal about STDs anyway?

  • Untreated/ undetected STDs can leave a person more vulnerable to contract HIV and HPV

  • Untreated/undetected STDs can cause infertility

  • Treatment/detection/screening will lower the risk of spreading STDs to others.

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